Participants of Distinction

Harvard Law School Executive Education alumni represent a cross-section of global, innovative and successful leaders who shape and impact the legal profession from within their own law firms, companies and organizations. Below is a brief overview of our alumni’s demographics and reputational standing in the legal market.


Our participants: At a Glance



HLS Executive Education alumni attended our programs from over 58 countries from across the globe, including:

Angola    Finland    Luxembourg    Singapore
Argentina    France    Mauritius    South Africa
Australia    Germany    Mexico    South Korea
Azerbaijan    Ghana    New Zealand    Spain
Belgium    Iceland    The Netherlands    Sweden
Bahrain    India    Nigeria    Switzerland
Brazil    Indonesia    Norway    Taiwan
Canada    Ireland    Peru    Turkey
Chile    Italy    Philippines    Ukraine
China    Japan    Poland    United Arab Emirates
Colombia    Kazakhstan    Portugal    United Kingdom
Costa Rica    Kuwait    Qatar    United States
Czech Republic    Latvia    Romania    Uruguay
Denmark    Lebanon    Russia    Venezuela
Estonia    Lithuania    Saudi Arabia


U.K. Magic Circle Firms

London-Skyline-GraphicsMore than 100 participants from all five of the U.K. Magic Circle firms have participated in HLS Executive Education programs since inception. 

Manning_A“The Executive Education experience has been fantastic. It’s been an amazing combination of an incredible amount of practical knowledge together with a really intellectually rigorous and fascinating experience. [The program] is just so personally satisfying but also the information that you get its condensed into a week-long timeframe and it’s just an incredible good way to spend time. I think it’s a very efficient way to learn a lot of information you can put into your leadership.” 

Amy Manning
Managing Partner, Chicago Office
United States


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