Custom Programs


In addition to our open enrollment programs, Harvard Law School Executive Education offers custom programming solutions unique to the needs of your team or organization. We will work with your leadership team to develop programming that addresses the wide-array of business, law, and leadership challenges facing your legal organization. Through a collaborative process shaped around your goals and expectations, we will use our expertise to design a highly-tailored experience that will meet your organization’s needs.

We develop custom programs for law firms, corporate legal departments, and legal organizations across a range of topics. With a core faculty team from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, we can create a curriculum tailored to your audience. From programs for law firm associates, to partner-client programs, we work with our clients to identify the most impactful content for the participants. Experience the Harvard Law School Executive Education experience – request more information about custom programs.

Custom Program Partners

HLS Executive Education has partnered with a number of firms and organizations, providing high-quality professional education solutions. Some of our partners include:

Milbank@Harvard: Our Groundbreaking Program Teaching Business and Leadership Skills to Law Firm Associates

Since 2011, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy has partnered with HLS Executive Education to provide a multi-year training program to Milbank’s mid- to senior-level associates.

Through this first-of-its kind professional development program between Harvard Law School and a prominent law firm, we provide Milbank associates with immersive, six or seven-day programs to build their leadership and business skills each year for four years as they progress from 4th year associates to 7th year associates.  Led by Harvard Law and Business School faculty with the assistance of Milbank partners, the program covers topics such as business, finance, accounting, marketing, law, management skills, client relations and personal and professional development.

Associates who participate in Milbank@Harvard:

  • Are much more competent in their core business skills and and are able to communicate more successfully with clients as a result
  • Develop deep and lasting ties with their peers and the many Milbank partners who participate in their learning sessions
  • Are better prepared to manage people and teams and assume greater leadership responsibilities within the firm and with the firm’s clients
  • Greatly appreciate the firm’s impressive investment in their professional development, enhancing retention, loyalty and lateral hiring.

Email us at or call +1-617-495-2359 to learn how HLS Executive Education can meet your organization’s needs.


Milbank Grooms Midlevel Associates for Success at Harvard
Read why a unique training program at Harvard Law School, Milbank@Harvard, has become a prized rite of passage for its midlevel associates.

Milbank Grooms Midlevel Associates for Success at Harvard


Hear why Milbank continues to invest in its attorneys through Milbank@Harvard: 

Watch David Wolfson, partner at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy and chair of the firm’s professional development committee explain why Milbank continues to invest its associates in Milbank@Harvard with Bloomberg Law’s Lee Pacchia.

Milbank’s Big Bet

Read why William D. Henderson, Professor of Law and Director of the Center on the Global Legal Profession at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Law, says the value of Milbank@Harvard may “provide a blueprint for a new, more sustainable law firm model.”


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