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What participants say about our Leadership in Law Firms Program

Our program for senior law firm leaders (managing partners, chairmen, business unit leaders, chief officers) is a six-day, intensive study of a cross-section of professional service firms to help participants develop the perspectives and skills necessary to be effective law firm leaders. Attendees learn frameworks and strategies for balancing professional responsibilities, strategic planning, improving organizational alignment, motivating people and teams, and managing change. Learn more about our Leadership in Law Firms program.


“I was reluctant to spend a week away from my legal practice at the HLS Leadership in Law Firms program, but it turned out to be one of the most important and valuable experiences I had this year.  The combination of terrific professors, peer participation and in-depth analysis gave a perspective on my firm and law firms generally that has truly helped me to make better decisions in my role as a member of firm management and that has clarified the conflicts and goals every law firm partner must balance.”

Stephanie Breslow
Partner, Executive Committee Member and Practice Group Head
Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP
United States

“I found the The Harvard Law School Leadership in Law Firm program to be an invaluable experience.  As someone new to law firm management, the program put in context and gave me a broader perspective on the many challenges law firm leaders face on an almost daily basis.   What is our firm strategy and are we aligned to achieve that strategy?  How do you deal with the competing demands of managing and producing?  What motivates professionals and how do you best empower them to perform at their best?  What are best practices in terms of partner promotions and what realities prevent us from executing on these best practices?  What are different practice models with respect to utilization, leverage and realization and how can you scale and organize different practices to achieve desired profitability?  These are but a few of the issues we dealt with in this week long program.  In addition to the tremendously gifted faculty, it is the enthusiastic participation of law firm leaders from around the globe that make this program special.”

Donna Parisi
Partner, Member of the Executive Group and Policy Committee
Shearman & Sterling LLP
United States

“The HLS Leadership in Law Firms program was highly valuable, hugely entertaining and tremendously thought-provoking.  The faculty is superb and the case studies are practical, insightful and always right on point.  It was also a great learning experience to have the opportunity to discuss management issues with law firm leaders from all over the world.  Since their coming into existence in early 1990s, in less than two decades, private partnership law firms in China have achieved rapid growth and great success.  Chinese law firms are now at a critical point of development.  The wealth of knowledge and experience shared at the program will be invaluable to the entire legal profession in China.  I would highly recommend law firm leaders in China to attend this program.”

Scott Guan, PhD
Senior Partner
Zhong Lun Law Firm

“The Harvard Law School Leadership in Law Firms programme stands head and shoulders above any other programme that I have attended. Not only were the case studies and discussion topics directly relevant to the issues faced by managers in all law firms, regardless of country and practice area; the faculty were truly impressive in the way that they engaged with the participants. On top of all this the overall organisation of the programme was first-rate. I would have no hesitation about recommending the programme to anyone else.”

Edwin Tham
Managing Partner
Moscow Global Head of the Russia Practice Group
Allen & Overy Legal Services

“The HLS Leadership Program was the single best management or leadership event I have attended. The information was useful, and directly on point for managing a large, complex law firm. It was eye opening to see the sophisticated tools available for law firm management, and learn how they are used by others.”

Courtland Reichman
Practice Group Leader
King & Spalding LLP
United States

“Fantastic opportunity to have a challenging, thought provoking and intensely interactive week about the demands of leading top law firms. The quality of the course leaders, the material and the case studies, as well as those attending, made it an extraordinary week in one of the world’s greatest law schools and one that I will not forget.”

Nigel McBride
Chief Executive Partner
Minter Ellison

“The Leadership in Law Firms course really challenges people’s traditional way of thinking about law firm strategy and leading and managing professionals. It does this with a mix of case studies, expert facilitation and teaching. As someone who spends most of their time in the training and education arena, this program was the most engaging learning experience I have participated in. The concepts taught and shared learning generated first class discussion, inspiring me and my fellow participants to really think anew about managing law firm talent and how to bring this type of learning experience to a wider audience of our partners. First class and highly recommended.”

Heather Bock, PhD
Chief Professional Development Officer
Hogan Lovells US LLP
United States

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program. The material was relevant, the teaching superb, and the quality of the participation by the participants outstanding. The opportunity to discuss common law firm management issues with my peers within the structure provided by the program was particularly valuable. I highly recommend the program.”

Robert Cultice
Head of Litigation Department
United States

“Leadership in Law Firms was a great opportunity to share interesting experiences and lessons from cases and real situations lived in their practice by lawyers mainly from U.S and U.K. The professors were outstanding and the opportunity to be back to the campus and to have one week of study, away from my routine, not having to take care of clients and daily issues was an excellent opportunity to rethink about many different things and several new approaches related with the mission,vision and strategy of our law firm in Bogotá, Colombia.”

Alfredo Lewin
Senior Partner
Lewin & Wills

“It was an extraordinary experience professionally and intellectually. Program highlights for me: (1) the opportunity to meet managing partners in leading law firms from around the world and share a common room. (2) the speakers were not only extremely knowledgeable but also masters at capturing the attention of the audience – the content and execution of the presentations were intellectually stimulating beyond my expectations; all of my attention and energy were completely focused on the program.”

Ignasi Costas
Founding Partner
Rousaud Costas Duran