Case Studies & Publications

Research and Case Studies

Harvard Law School’s Case Development Initiative (CDI) translates research-based insights to real world application by preparing case studies directed at the most critical challenges faced by lawyers and their institutions.  Learn more.

Through a global lens, the Center on the Legal Profession (CLP) provides deep insights into how the profession is changing and the new ways lawyers are being called upon to serve around the world. Learn more.

By applying CLP’s insights and teaching CDI’s highly-relevant cases in the best, most successful learning environment available, HLS Executive Education seeks to have an enduring impact upon the global legal profession.

The Practice Digital Magazine

Practice2Bridging academic research and practical advice, our research partner, the Center on the Legal Profession, produces a digital magazine, The Practice. Highlighting the most critical topics and issues facing the global legal profession, this bi-monthly, subscription-based magazine offers thoughtful analysis and perspectives on the legal profession for a global audience based on CLP’s groundbreaking empirical research. Learn more.